In a galaxy far from Earth, magical critters roam an alien planet. Its inhabitants are under threat from corrupted creatures. Choose to save them, or join their forces to take over.

Two suns + one moon
Slightly lower gravity than Earths
Slightly denser atmosphere than Earth.
Crystals are the main energy source.
Technology is fused with magic.
Corruption is poisoning the creatures.
Spirits roam the lands.

There are 4 main races; the Dragonkin, Syreni, Avian and Plant & Fungifolk. Each with their own unique cultures and traits.

DRAGONKIN - Living in the Southern Swamps in hot and humid areas near water. Many of the Dragonkin are inclined to herbalism, alchemy, natural magics, healers, shamanism, druidism careers and lifestyles. Dragon-Kin are able to attune to a variety of elements depending on the area they are hatched and raised in. The most common, is earth, water, healing and their magical abilities grow as they age and peaking after death in their Spirit Form.

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SYRENI - Living in the Northern Polar Oceans of the world, the Syreni are a highly intelligent & aquatic people who resemble axolotls/seals. They live in palaces carved from snow and ice underwater. Depending on the location, it may be carved from the underside of an iceberg - many of which are carried along the ocean currents like a moving castle.

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AVIAN - a widespread people who all have the appearance resembling of Earths birds of the world. Just as visually diverse, and all with wind elemental magics. They are also a highly intelligent species as a whole, many of whom are philosophers, engineers, skilled alchemists, pilots and merchants.

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PLANT & FUNGIFOLK - The first intelligent race to inhabit the planet. They were created from the sticks and mud from a bored Ancient One they create the World Tree alongside the first Ancient One, and it taught them how to care for the planet be in harmony from it.

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There are currently over 151 critters each with their own lore. The creatures are an artistic exercise in speculative biology - hypothetical creatures with a basis on Earths evolution and scenarios. While it may be inspired from Earths creatures, a pinch of magic and alien elements make it a fun design challenge. Many regions of the planet live with tamed, domesticated or wild creatures. A wide variety of the creatures actually prefer to be alongside the 'intelligent races' and have developed a symbiotic relationship.

There is over 200 types of plants, herbs, spices, foods & alchemy ingredients with more being added. Unique environments like the Crystal Forests where enormous crystals grow instead of trees, or the Ashlands which is filled with volcanic activity and perpetually falling ash.  Each place has is own ecosystem, the people and animals adapt in amazing ways to overcome and survive. Hundreds of locations to be added - villages, dungeons, abandoned temples, bandit camps and more! Each with their own lore and cultures.

Crystals grow naturally within the planet in abundance. Each colour has its own unique elemental magic held within, granting magical abilities to critters and people who live near or wear it. Each crystal type grows within a certain environment, you're likely to find orange crystals near areas with volcanic activity, or green crystals in forested regions. Thin shards of crystals are even used as a currency, with its monetary value changing depending on where you try to spend it.

Elemental magic thrives in this world, people and creatures gain abilities based on specific crystal types. Most are able to harness their elemental magic by carrying crystals on them as jewelry, or other wearable items allowing them to attune to more than one element. Creatures have an innate ability to use magic based on their environments, if it's found in a polar region its likely to have water and ice abilities. Using magic is very draining on people and creatures and requires rest and good health. Common folk may opt for not using magic at all, and instead relying on pets and creatures that can do the work for them.

It was discovered that crystals could be fused with modern technology to power, and enhance it.  Militaries use weapons charged by magic, cities are powered by it, and everyday items like a pocket watch or elevator also use it. Though the long term effects are less understood and new discoveries are made everyday.

An ultimate power source was created, a Void Crystal. Upon its creation it exploded and opened a tear/rift into the Spirit Realm. Lost and angry spirits came through the tear/rift and are called Void Spirits.  These spirits carry a disease called Corruption, which can spread to all living things who are then called the Corrupted. Currently there is no cure for corruption, and efforts are also being made to hunt down the remaining Void Spirits.

  Biomes of the World planet map Map of the World

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