The fungi people, arrived after the plant people, and began to explore and inhabit the areas surrounding the World tree. The Lumi Forest being their first settlements. The plant people died of old age, but their bodies infused with the Lumi forest, which grew the first Fungi people. They have since evolved to use mushroom spores to reproduce. No longer only being created if a plant person dies in the Lumi forest.

Much like regular fungi, this group of people feed off the occasional creature that dies in the area. Many of the plant life in the Lumi forest causes poison & paralysis.

The Plant People: the first intelligent race to inhabit the planet.  They were created from the sticks and mud from a bored Ancient One they create the World Tree alongside the first Ancient One,  and it taught them how to care for the planet be in harmony from it.

- the plant people have skills much like a dryad,  and are prone to fire.

- they can use the planet's lower gravity to float along the breezes with opened leaves.  Though not for very far/long. Like a short glide.

- they use a form of photosynthesis to gain nutrients from the 2 suns.

- require plenty of sunlight.

- require plenty of water.

- places like the eastern peninsula,  ash lands,  desert are not the best places to be.

- they will wither away,  turn black like a dead plant,  and become like barren soil.

- unless they are in the Lumi forest,  then they'll turn into fungi people.

- have animal bonds and friendships.

- protect and guard forest temples.

- basically dryads but more friendly

- variants like cactus people can exist provided the conditions are met.

- if the government goes in and mines up too large of an area of the South crystal forest,  it will become barren and lose its magical energy.  Creatures will get sick and die.  Void Spirits and Regular Spirits become angry.

- due to the planets' 2 suns,  many plants that flower are able to produce large amounts of nectar/glucose via photosynthesis.  Numerous herbivorous creatures feed off the nectar,   many prefer one flower species over another.

- this also gives creatures energy reserves better suited to quick bursts of high energy.  And carnivores get a boost from herbivores who eat the nectar.

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