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Attending Vancoufur or Furnal Equinox?

I'll be in the Dealers Den - come by and say hello! Table 34 at Vancoufur and Table D8 at Furnal Equinox. We've got booth games, sticker sales and doodles to draw! I'll also be running around in my Shesta kigurumi if I'm not at my booth. Can't attend? Online sale is happening all March, and I'll be posting to my socials during the event if you'd like to follow along.

BlueSky | TikTok | Twitter | Instagram | Ko-Fi

 vancoufur dealers den map 2024 critter cove art table 34 furnal equinox dealers den map table d8 critter cove art

What conventions will you be at?

You can find me both at in-person conventions and events, as well as virtual events! Check the list on the side of the page for upcoming events I'll be vending/attending at.  You can also find me volunteering with CozyCon & Vancoufur on the Art Teams & Minecraft Teams.

How can I attend a Virtual Convention?

Many of these virtual events also host all the regular panels, parades, and dealers den just like in person. Virtual conventions are usually through a discord server or telegram, with livestreams through YouTube or twitch. Many also have custom Worlds in VRChat/NeosVR and Minecraft. Some conventions are free, while others will need paid admission in order to be given access to the conventions events. If you ever have more questions, the convention staff are always happy to help through their respective channel, social media, or email.

What other Conventions/Events are there?

WikiFur has a list of conventions/smaller events, including upcoming dates. I've also got a Convention List on Twitter you can follow.

Where else can I find you?

I also offer items on Redbubble & Etsy if you are looking to shop. And you can find all the socials and where to follow me on the contact page. You can also scroll down this page and check out my virtual vendor table for easy shopping! 

About the Artist

Hi, I'm Kayla (aka Shesta) the one artist and owner of Critter Cove Art.

I've been drawing, painting, designing and crafting since I was was little. I've had my art in various gallery events, community contests, and at conventions all throughout my life. It's a huge passion that has stayed with me my whole life. I've been in a handful of gallery events, community contests & conventions - showcasing & selling my work wherever I can. With the shut-down of conventions for the time being (due to covid) the next step became to open an online shop! I have aspirations to continue to grow as an independent artist and see what I can create and continue to share with you!

Much love, Kayla <3


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