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How do I recieve my Commissioned Artwork?

An email, telegram, or discord is required to send you both the WIP (Work in Progress) files, and the final artwork. WIPs are sent to you along the way from rough sketch to the final piece, so you can give your feedback and have input.

How to I send payment?

 An invoice will be sent to your email through Paypal. I do not accept direct e-transfers from bank-to-bank at this time. If you don't have a Paypal account, please go to and sign up, you only need an email address and a bank account. Sign up takes just a few minutes. It's safe & secure, and you can use it to make online purchases or money transfers, this is the only payment method for commissions that I can accept at this time.

Creating a character or creature from scratch? Don't have existing references or artwork of your character/creature?

I'm happy to create concept art for you! Design charges may apply - case by case, depending on complexity of character and if an additional amount of research/edits/concepts required. $27/hr.

Want more characters in the artwork?

Sure! 2 character = 2x price, 3 character = 3x.  Need more than 3 characters in the artwork? Please email to inquire for pricing.

Do you do 18+ artwork?

Yep! 18+ NSFW/Adult themes $25+ Please read under will/won't draw.

Will/Won't Draw

YES: semi realism, creatures, beasts, monsters, abstracts, fantasy themes, foliage /plants, concept art, environments, any gender, most species (difficulty), teeth/maw, emotional, multi-limbed, wings, human/oids, cyborgs, mature/adult, softcore, mild gore, vore, drug-based, inflation, tentacles.

NO: watersports, scat, babyfur, extreme muscles, fetishized death, heavy NSFW, hardcore.

Not sure? Please ask.


 Please read my FAQ & Terms of Service first.

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