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"Sprawling out around the World Tree, the Roots include several ecosystems..."


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The Roots comprises several distinct ecoregions. With their variations in temperature, rainfall, elevation, and soil, these regions harbour distinct communities of plants and animals.


  • North
  • The transitional zone between the Lumi Forest and the Deserts. Giant decaying and poisonous mushrooms span out from the Lumi Forest. The climate becomes less moist and humid, and more arid and dry. Safe water sources become difficult to find. Giant Herbivores graze from the clouds of sky krill. Predators rely on packs, tactile ambush hunting, or are opportunist scavengers. Animals partially lose their glowing abilities, and colours change into desert type colourations.


  • East
  • Between the World Tree and The Lumi Forest. The foliage here shifts from tropical jungle, into a mushroom forest. Bioluminescent plants and animals begin in this area, and become more glowing and mushroom-like the more you go into the Lumi Forest.


  • South
  • The transition zone between the World Tree, the Western Bog and the Lake Fields. Its humid and moist, and a tropical climate with lots of greenery. There are plenty of hills, valleys and rivers that flow into the Lake Fields. Creatures that take on the appearance of plants like to live here. - Form of camo and mimicry.


  • South-West
  • In the south-west of the Roots, the trees and wildlife begin to slowly shift into crystals. Plants, trees, animals, have partial crystals growing from them. Animals here may also exhibit both plant camouflage and partial crystal bodies. It is otherwise the same terrain as the South Roots.


  • West
  • Not as wet and mash-like as the Western Peninsula. This is the area between the Western Bog, The Roots and Western Peninsula. Trees are still dying in the area from the toxic air that is blown from The Vents and Ashlands. Large gnarled tree roots (the big ones are all connected to the World Tree) As you travel from the World Tree towards the Western Peninsula it becomes more marsh-like. Unlike the Western Bog, the trees and plant life here is not lush and green.


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