Syreni | Human-like Intelligence | Aquatic Race | Common

Living in the Northern Polar Oceans of the world, the Syreni are a highly intelligent & aquatic people who resemble axolotls/seals.

"Polished opalescent white crystals attached to each of the 12 iced columns light up the throne hall and radiate magical essence across the room.  Thousands of bioluminescent microorganisms drift, flicker and decorate the ceiling like gems in the dim light.  Archways ornately carved out of dense blue ice that resemble sea-serpents run along the frozen walls.  The floors run down the royal hall are like translucent  stained-glass that give view to the dark ocean depths below.  

At the end of the hall, an elegant throne of ice hovers.  It is embellished with intricate carvings, stories of the royal family and their power.  Surrounding the single throne, rows of ornate seating for the family and advisors, curving upwards towards the ceiling.  Above the throne, a dome with a grand yellow crystal floats with sparks of electric energy.  Sunlight pierces the ice above and creates a prismatic light show that dances along the walls.  Those who await a meeting with the royal family are carefully followed by heavily armoured and masked Syreni guards wielding electrified spears of hardened crystalline."


Taking on the appearance of axolotl-seal-dragons, the Syreni are capable of shifting their bodies into 2 primary forms; A terrestrial form, where their side limbs elongate into a more leg-like appearance, enabling them to lumber around a bit awkwardly, somewhat slowly.  They are unable to run without the risk of tripping and falling.  Preferring their fully aquatic form without legs and swimming with their tails from side-to-side like a shark rather than up-and-down like a whale. They are able to swim in an agile and quick manner, twisting their blubbery bodies similarly to a seal. The process they use to shift their hind limbs from flipper-like to leg-like is called “utsupra factisunt” or - “to become as above” in Latin. 

They live off a wide variety of seafood, like fish, crab, jellyfish, squid, kelp, anemone and so on.  They are also known to hunt in the snowy land above the water, just about any animal they are able to bring down they will eat and make use of all its pieces. 

With the help of crystals frozen in the ground and bottom of the sea, they are able to attune to water, ice, and electric type crystals.  Their magic has a wide variety of spells and daily uses - though the most powerful spells require a collective casting/ritual.  

The Syreni are able to communicate in various ways depending on if they are above or in the ocean.  Underwater, siren-like whale songs, Morse code like clicking - that can both be heard from several km away.  As well as non-verbal communication such as Bioluminescent flashing of their skin/frills, pulsing glowing of crystals they carry, or bubbles.  Above the water, sound does not travel as well over long distances, so they must either use non-verbal signals or be very loud if they wish to be heard from far distances.  Singing in groups, sounding like a vocal orchestra. Sombre, enchanting, and beautiful for songs are known world-wide.  The Syreni are able to articulate the words of other cultures languages out of water, though few are able to sing the language of the Syreni highly proficiently. 

Syreni live in palaces carved from snow and ice underwater.  Depending on the location, it may be carved from the underside of an iceberg - many of which are carried along the ocean currents like a moving castle.  They are also carved from the sides of underwater glaciers, networks of underwater ice caves, or formed from ice made by group magic. Inside the icey palaces, sculptures, carvings, and ornately designed walls, pillars, floors and created by artisans and architects. 

The Syreni are ruled by a Royal Family, who live in a palace which is mostly above the water - they are the only to-do so. 


Tend to begin with soft consonants, end with a vowel, and are 2-3 syllables. Syreni’ names can also include non-verbal componacents, such as a bioluminescent flare of their skin. They may also include clicking sounds or held notes like a song. For example, the name Veshifa is spoken, a single subtle pulse glow is produced at the ‘fa’. 

Syreni Female Names:

Selara, Shanti, Tharine, Prinni, Ishai, Prishe, Meila, Thasha, Rithla, Lemia, Lavri, Thainya,  Shylei, Mailishe.

Syreni Male Names:
Tend to begin with soft consonants, end with vowel or soft consonant. Harder consonants like “v” or “ch” are also used. 2-4 syllables are common. 

Sethu, Virdru, Chimvu, Maulish, Druchis, Seilish, Thenchar, Vrinshai, Zulech, Chandru, Ishlach, Vumich.

Syreni Neutral Names:

Can be a mix of either of the rules above. Neutral names can work for any gender and are just as common.  

Zula, Fais, Tsun, Salstun, Neish, Lunei, Thein, Myl, Nyadi, Tsylonre, Chilyean, Rovish, Aryeav.