Crystals grow natually within the planet in abundance. Each colour has its own unique elemental magic held within, granting magical abilities to critters and people who live near or wear it. Crystals are also used as currency, and as an energy source that can be combined with technology.


Red - Fire
Orange - Magma
Yellow - Electric
Green - Earth
Blue - Water/Ice
Purple - Poison
Pink - Light
White - Air
Black - Dark
Void - Cosmic


Red - Coloured Flame/Inferno/Fire Storm
Orange - Lava/Ash/Volcanic
Yellow - Lightning/Storm/Plasma/Solar
Green - Metal/Nature/Wood/Stone
Blue - Frost/Snow/Sleet
Purple - Blight/Curse/Corrosion
Pink - Healing/Spirit
White - Tornado/Hurricane/Sound
Black - Chaos/Fear/Shadow/Lunar
Void - Aether/Ether

Best Uses

Crystals can be ground into powders or dusts, or infused with an object. Can be ground into very fine powders and dissolved in certain liquids (potion making/alchemy) Used as fuel/magical energy sources. Daily uses can be for cooking, growing food, washing and cleaning, light sources, fires, farming, wood or metal manufacturing, healing the sick and wounded, keeping food and items frozen or chilled, create tools or weapons. It all depends on the crystal type.

Void Crystals & Corruption

Void crystals are man-made and unnatural, they cause an unstable ripple effect within the Spirit Realm that causes Spirited to become infected with corruption. A highly valuable energy/magical power source. A handful sized cube of it could last for hundreds of years before running out of its magical essence. In which it becomes useless as a power-source and is typically disposed of/dumped/thrown out.

Void crystals were accidentally created in a lab as a byproduct of greedy scientists conducting research on crystals. They tried to splice all-of-them together, and after several rejections via the crystals (they would not fuse together), one attempt failed worse than the rest. They fused temporarily, then shattered apart in a grand explosion that destroyed the entire city and nearly everyone in an intense black and purple heat. A crater was left in place of the city, and the military stepped in to rescue survivors And recover any data from the lab. They horrifically discovered a tear into the Spirit Realm, where unstable/lost spirits poured into the physical world - though upon doing so they became excessively hostile and attacked anything living left in the area. Possibly in search of their own bodies they once had, or out of jealousy and hatred for the living. An additional byproduct of this event was that the ‘void spirits’ infected (corrupted) living creatures in the nearby forests and environment. Turning the living (and normally passive or neutral) creatures into hostile ones. Spreading the corruption like a plague to other creatures. Military attempts have been made to eradicate the original Void Spirits and corrupted spirits, with moderate success.

With the unfortunate discovery of Void crystals, and loss of research data. Scientists then began to try and replicate their creation in a more controlled environment, with mixed success and casualties. They discovered it can be compressed in specific ratios and used as a fuel/power source. Driving the greedy scientists, militaries, governments to create more. Which with each failed attempt (of which there are many as there is a very low success rate), creates small tears into the Spirit Realm and unleashes more Void Spirits (which then infect the living and create more Corrupted Spirits).

In order to create Void Crystals, large amounts of every crystal type must be mined/gathered and compressed together. Industrial mining facilities have popped up all over the world, which gather crystals that would not normally need to be taken from the planet. Because these naturally growing crystals provide habitats and the magical essence of the planet, removing them in excess in itself creates a huge problem. The magic in the environment dies, and so to its inhabitants.

Generally speaking, governments try to either cover up that they are paying for more void crystal creating and lie to the public that the corrupted creatures are from something else. Or they have made void crystal creating, possessing or distributing illegal. And will try to ban mass mining of crystals, will research cures for corrupted creatures, and send out organized private hunters/exterminators to capture and dispel Void Spirits. (Giving them the 'second death'.)


  • Black

  • White

  • Void

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Orange

  • Red

  • Pink

  • Purple