To the South East of the planet, various crystals have overtaken old growth forests to the extent where the indigenous animals grow crystals on their bodies for camouflage and other purposes.  These crystals are highly magical, and the deep caves and underground caverns here are filled with minerals which are often mined for resources.  Over mining in certain areas are causing habitat loss which some species are becoming endangered. 

These Crystal Forests are filled with terrain that changes in elevation and has many rivers that flow into tall waterfalls.  Water-filled caves are also commonly found, and can be very dangerous to fall into.

  • Mavulas - crystalline forest village on the edge of the southern swamps and crystal forests.
  • Glistening Wilds - untamed wilderness with plenty of crystalline creatures and hilly forests, trees have crystals growing like parasites on them.
  • Ga’mi Woods - an unusual patch of non-crystal trees in the midst of crystal forests.  It's like a hole that sank into the ground and then became its own secluded forest. 
  • Ve’Oh Mire - a swampy area of the crystal forests, wet grasses and sparse, tall oval shaped crystals sprout here.
  • Varelith Bog - a misty low-land area towards the south, mossy landscape that covers rounded crystals gives the earth a ‘bubble’ like appearance.
  • Klah Basin - waterfalls pour into this basin, which acts like a reservoir that spills out into many rivers.
  • Xa’ye Labyrinth - a twisting forested cavern, easy to get lost in, thick vegetation and crystals grow here. 
  • Hy’rus Caves - a dry cave that grows specific types of crystals, the air is stale, and the caves run deep. Plenty of mining opportunities in the dark. 
  • Barrwood Hideout - a cave that was fully mined, now exists as a dry and dusty hideout for bandits. 
  • The Blue Caverns - wide and open caverns that grow only blue crystals, underground lakes filled with glowing insects and blind fish.
  • Grave’m Caves - a narrow, treacherous cave that many have fallen into, and to their death. 
  • Lud’wich Sanctuary - a village deep within the crystal forests, the people here live in harmony with the wildlife and use the crystal's magics in a symbiotic manner with nature. 
  • Mil’ney Den - A small bandit camp on the edge of the crystal forests and the eastern deserts, it sits along the coast. 
  • Bo’oa Thicket - vines that are covered in crystal thorns grow in brambles, it's hard to traverse through, and you’ll get pricked easily. Best to travel around.
  • Sha’gille Wilds - a mix of grassy forests and sparse crystals, towards the eastern deserts and mountains.
  • Xia’nos Forest - the largest forest of a specific type of tree, their roots spread for many miles underground. 
  • Echoing Rapids - coming from the os’en cascades is a dangerous and fast flowing river filled with rapids. There are crystals rather than rocks here.
  • Os’en Cascades - a long network of medium sized waterfalls that all flow into a single river.
  • Silent Channel - the os’en cascades turns into the echoing rapids, that eventually calm down into a long and lazy river. Ironically named. 
  • Kir’ty Falls - a large area of waterfalls that flows into the ough’ty falls.
  • Ough’ty Falls - the bottom half of the kir’ty falls, very misty here.
  • Mar’keel Estuary - a wide river basin that flows into the southern sea.  A mix of freshwater and salt.