(fighter/paladin, javelin,spears):

  • Washes up on the shore of the southern swamps near Shestas home, unconscious and barely breathing.
  • Shesta tries to heal with her magic, but it doesn't work. She takes him to her hut and feeds him potions/elixirs/salves and many herbal remedies, but nothing seems to heal him.
  • Shesta takes him to the closest dragon-kin village and has the village elders/healers try their luck. It still doesn't work, and a few days go by, with the villagers getting worried if he will survive.
  • Accidentally, in his comatose state, he casts a small amount of ice magic that freezes one of the healer villagers (Dragonkin are easily weakened by ice magic). The healer can be thawed and healed easily enough. One of the villagers realized that the humid, hot swamp might not be a very good place for the axolotl-dragon to be - and that they should try to cool him down with ice. 
  • Shesta is asked to go to another village and return with a light-blue crystal that one of the other village elders has in his private collection.
  • She returns with the crystal and a dragon-kin elder who wants to see the Syreni for himself. A convoy of transportation beasts is arranged that evening, and a few dragon-kin from the village accompany them back.
  • They return, and the elders use the crystals inherent ice magic to coat the axolotl-dragon with frost like a cocoon to help lower his body temp. They wait to see if any changes happen over the next few hours.
  • The Syreni begins to awaken and shift his body, in a drowsy state. He is unsure where he is, who is around him, and has temporary amnesia about how he got there in the first place. 
  • (he was guarding a group of Syreni who were ____? And then was attacked by an aquatic monster in the deep polar sea (a corrupted spirit on a rampage) and swept out too far into the sea by storms created by the corrupted spirit. Several weeks he was carried by the currents and ended up all the way in the southern swamps where he washed ashore.
  • It takes about 10 days for the Syreni to feel well enough to begin to wander around the village.  Within that time, the village elders turned a slice of the ice-crystal into a piece of jewellery for the Syreni to wear and help to keep his ice magic strong enough to let him return to a normal state.
  • Syreni is not very good at communication above water, so he has trouble with the villagers, though they are understanding and patient.  They are a bit weary of him and none of the villagers have seen a Syreni before
  • The Syreni communicated with the elders and wishes to retrace his steps to where he washed up on shore, perhaps it will jog his memory for the last couple of weeks of what happened.  The elders  have Shesta take him back and search the area.
  • He solemnly realizes, at the end of the day as the sun sets over the water, what happened and explains to Shesta about this unusual beast that attacked them. He worries that his friends and family are safe and that their village hasn't been destroyed. 
  • He knows that there is not an easy way to get back to his homeland, the terrain is dangerous at best, and he is not very mobile above the water. And it is too far to swim or boat.  He asks that Shesta take him back to her place, where he can recoup and try to think of a way to get back home. 
  • Shesta tends to him the best she can, teaches him about the fish and food in the area with hunting methods and herbal remedies. 
  • One instance they go fishing, the Syreni uses his ice magic to freeze a fish within the ice so that they can catch it. He also uses his electric magic to zap and stun the fish for easier catching.
  • A lot of time passes, and they decide to build the Syreni his own room - it is intended to be temporary as he wishes to go back to his homeland when they find a solution) It is woven from vines and bark and coated on the inside with a layer of ice and a shallow pool to help keep the temperature down.
  • Much further down the storyline they meet a wandering trader who is an eccentric bard and avian species who took a few wrong turns and ended up in the swamps, he is on his way back to the desert avian cities where he can restock his goods and share his findings with his own family. It's a long and dangerous journey as they need to go through the crystal forests to the South East, through the mountains and cross the desert until they reach the coastline.  That coastline has several airships and boats that make trade routes north to where the Syreni are. He explains that they can come with him, and we will take them to the desert coastline in exchange for protection for him & his goods along the way. They agree and begin to prepare for the long trip.
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