A species of space faring creatures that are commonly seen around in wars as walking tanks and combat platforms. Most of them were armored with this sci-fi fantasy armor wielding magical-energy fueled guns and blades. Seemed like some sort of breathing tank on their backs, seemingly not oxygen.  Heat sensors & cameras on their front visors and a few buttons along their front arms.  All of them wore an insignia on their armored shoulder plates. They could run fast using mostly their front limbs - like a gorilla. Some of them wore other types of armor and ran on all 4's acting as battering-rams running into battle first before the others. Almost like war-dogs. Their skin was plated with a thick protective scale along their head 7 backs, generally with darker greenish colors.  While their undersides were reddish flesh tones and skin like a crocodile. Mercs are large, while on all fours they tend to be the size of Kodiak bears while standing up on two legs can reach heights of up to 10 feet. Their builds are even larger than the bears of earth, however. They start off their lives in eggs, the size of them ranges greatly depending on where their nest is on their home planet, the eggs being the size of a beachball all the way to the size of small sedans. A Mercs’ incubation period is all the same no matter the egg size. The eggs are made of an extremely durable shell capable of withstanding vast amounts of pressure and damage, all to protect the unborn Merc. All Mercs are born ready and able to defend themselves from predators if necessary, a practice dating back from when their planet was hostile and aggressive to them. Nowadays, however, Mercs are born in large groups in communities, ready to be taught and trained by elders for exploring the vastness of space. Mercs age rapidly compared to humans reaching full maturity in just a few short years. However Mercs still do not stop growing until they are about 20 years of age.

Social Life & Technology

Mercs are a semi-intelligent species, comparable to a human. They are a warlike species that has a very aggressive take on colonization and trading. They are commonly considered to be just low savages and brutes, but their own tech and augmented armor proves those who think that way wrong every time. Mercs's armor is a highly advanced form of an exoskeleton. They have created several variations for all types of terrain and planets they come across. The more common sets of armor are more specialized for combat on harsh or hostile planets, the bulk of the armor plating being near the front of their bodies as they have used them-selves as literal battering rams. All the exoskeletons are able to be mass produced as well as mass adjusted to fit the environment of whatever planet they are on. Each suit comes filled with an environment of sensors and electronics to help Mercs in the fields, ranging from enhancing their basic senses to allowing them to see thermal maps of their surroundings. All suits come equipped with simple Virtual Intelligence to run the electronics and combat gear.  Nearly all suits of armor come equipped with energy blades and sharp metal claws to augment their own brute strength. The armor is designed with the ability to change out weapons rapidly from Close Quarters Combat, C.Q.C, to ranged weaponry from smaller arms fire to larger caliber rifles.  The physically stronger variants of Mercs have been seen carrying large platforms with large cannons and long-distance artillery. Mercs, while on the combat field, use swarm-like strategies to rush and take over enemy encampments, overwhelming enemies with sheer brute strength and numbers. They are able to knock down heavily fortified walls and barriers by just charging headfirst into them. During combat Mercs will not stop fighting till there is nothing left, or they are unable to continue. They (Mercs) believe there is no greater glory for them to fall in battle, so therefore Mercs deploy very few medics into combat. Medics are mostly in the field to keep officers alive. The military chain of command is actually a punishment for those Mercs who have failed in their duty to perform their task. Mercs believe they have no higher calling, that there is no greater joy for them, than to fall in battle. Those who have failed, in order to regain their lost glory, must now lead their brethren to their own glory. Only then, should they fall in battle will they finally seek the glory they deserve. Mercs who do not join combat however and seek more civilian lives, have just as important tasks. They feed the armies, great new weapons and armors, or anything and everything needed to keep the Merc war machine going strong and fast.

Planetary Life

Mercs home planet is a harsh and hostile world that has areas that suffer from high gravitational pulls as their world has weird magnetic poles. The planet has a total of 14 dominant magnetic poles, which results in several gravitational differences. These differences result in minor changes in a Mercs physical abilities, causing some to grow up under a more intense gravitational pull, forcing their bodies to become more dense and stronger, whereas the ones in areas with less of a gravitational pull tend to develop a higher mental capacity.  Their world has a day night cycle like earth however due to the planet having 2 suns and 5 moons the days are long and incredibly humid. The nights are mild, however they are very bright with 5 moons. This leads to the night sky nearly as bright as the day, and the moon's effect on the seas is extreme, creating a very rough and violent sea current. The seas are nearly devoid of all natural sea life. Mercs have developed small machine-like creatures that mine the materials needed to produce their arms and armor.  The seas are highly corrosive and during the day expel highly corrosive chemical elements into the air, so much so that Mercs's body has developed lungs to breath this air to the point where what other will consider clean air is a deadly poison to Mercs forcing them to have tanks filled with air from their home planet in-order for them to even breathe. Mercs have come to discover the air they breathe can be used as weapons in combat and should they be captured; they have been known to rupture their own air tanks in order to prevent being captured. However, even though the air on their planet is highly corrosive and filled with chemicals in the air, their planet has a very lush and vibrant ecosystem that has learned to develop in harmony with the planet. The vegetation on the planet has developed in such ways as they are able to take the chemicals found in the air and turn it into everything it will need to survive. The size of their planet is nearly twice the size of earth and covered in large deep craters, these craters becoming home to the large densely packed dens and cities of the Mercs.


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