Gender: Female (She/They)
Age: Adult
Abilities: Light & Shadow Magic, Archery, Knives, can go into the Spirit Realm.
Forms: Anthro (regular), Spirit
(fighter, monk, pacifist):
Appears through a rift into the spirit realm, she's not from this planet and is having issues returning as a spirit. Her form becomes solid and though she does keep her unique light/spirit magic.  She wants to reacquire her ability to walk between the spirit realm and earthly realm.  Her temple where she trained as a monk, was destroyed by a void spirit (not corrupted spirit - void spirits are more dangerous) it somehow came into her world. She escaped at the cost of likely not being able to return back to her planet, and not knowing what happened to her friends and family. (syreni and kit bond over this similar experience, and strive to find answers about these unnatural beasts)


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