To the far north, the Arctic can be split into 3 or 4 main areas with the mountains to the south, the taiga crystal forests, the snowy tundra, and the iceberg islands to the north. 

Generally, the trees here are covered in thick ice most of the year complimented by giant protruding crystals that are sometimes mistaken for ice. There are expansive areas of nothing but rock and snow, which melt in the summer for a short while and become lichen and moss covered which herbivores graze on.  Many of the largest icebergs to the north are inhabited by the Syreni, which use them as floating cities and carve into them. 

Many of the critters here are covered in thick wooly coats, or blubber which helps them to withstand the sub-zero temperatures.  A few species will migrate through narrow passages through the mountain ridges to the south, or by making the terribly long journey around them each year. 



  • Noribae - Glacial town in the far norther forests, a trading post for Syreni and (avian race)
  • Soundless Tundra - a stretch of flat tundra landscape that is uninhabited aside from local wildlife.  
  • Mac’ana - the name of a mountain peak, noted for its curved appearance. 
  • Sur’lam Glacier - a frozen glacier that people can travel across year-round.
  • Verdown Sheet - a sheet of ice that freezes during winter months, it's prone to cracking and therefore dangerous.
  • Boundless Berg - an iceberg that seems to grow in side with each passing year.
  • Wintermire - a town of eternal winter, locals aren't too fond of travellers, but it's one of the few cities in the North.
  • Portstead - a tiny village on the coast in the North. Locals are known for their deep-diving of the icy waters.
  • Ver’pied - A floating town on a massive iceberg that rarely makes port.
  • Cha’am Landing - A floating (aquatic species) town that unusually welcomes travellers, and adopts various cultures customs. It's also a hotspot for crime, though locals are seemingly not cruel.
  • Sirelune - An underwater town where the cold waters of the North, meet the warm waters of the east.
  • G’eytyra - An underwater village known for its well-trained fighters and aggressiveness towards outsiders.
  • Marth’Azras - A rival village near G’eytyra, excellent fighters and less hostile to outsiders.
  • Briloch - a village on the western glacial shores. The water here is tainted by the volcanic ash that blows in on harsh winds from the south.  The snow is mixed with ash.  People here are either very sick, or have grown a sort of tolerance to the polluted area (but become slightly corrupted).
  • Nava’hyn - a village constantly threatened by the local wildlife, they have formed defensive walls and frequent patrols of the surrounding areas. 
  • Typh’ra’nia - A village on the brink of collapse from starvation and cold.  It is far inland, and they are running out of places to hunt due to nearby forests being corrupted by volcanic ash.
  • Eyr’az’ya - once a mountain covered by glaciers, it is now thawed and in the early stages of volcanic activity.

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