(bard, trader, entertainer, thief): 
Wandering trader has a caravan with some oddities, curiosities, ‘monkey's paw’ items, forgeries of documents, books, 2 beasts to pull his caravan wagon.
Seems a bit unusual, though not dangerous to others or aware of his surroundings.
Is knowledgeable about many random topics.
Has wind magic just like other Avians, also electric, though not as strong as the Syreni.
He will later try to secretly steal from the villages and palaces the group visits along the way, and abandon them in the desert.  With a change of heart, he returns to save them and follows through with bringing them to the eastern coastline. 
Leaves the group after they are brought to the coastline.
Returns home to find child/wife missing
Returns with the group to find lost family
Family mixed up with void spirit
Got lost after it attacked
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