Tidal the Uncommon Protogen

Gender: Female/Genderless - Manufactured Cyborg in Deep-Space Facility.
Age: Young Adult (500+ year lifespan)
Primary Objective: Study & Protect the ocean life on various planets in deep space.
Forms: Anthro (regular)

(ranger, explorer, researcher):

She's a bit naive but incredibly curious about other living creatures, particularly in oceanic and more specifically tidal and beach areas of various planets. 
She's been to Kits planet, though only briefly and at the wrong point of time. Before the void spirit arrived to it. She doesn't know what the void or corrupted spirits are.
Some of her nanites are in need of repair - the only place on this planet is in the mega-city where (the group unknowingly) the void spirits were first created.
Scummy people try to tear her apart for metal pieces, she ends up in the dump and the group must find and save her while also finding more nanites.