The Southern Swamps is made up of multiple islands and is the native home to the Dragonkin.  Each island has its own unique wild species of critters, plants and cultural traditions.

There 14 islands that make up the Southern Swamps - AKA the  Archipelago. The 4 largest islands are in the same area as each other. Named as follows from largest to smallest:

  1. Ye’quth - The largest island.
  2. Zik’os -
  3. Khuni -
  4. Kru’ua -
  5. Se’desh -
  6. Ya’dsi -
  7. Yu’ne -
  8. Xia’og -
  9. Eliagh -
  10. Bare -
  11. Mich’in -
  12. Ce’dax -
  13. Firshade -
  14. Ly’sus - The smallest island.

  • The Howling Mangroves - a saltwater marshland named for the animals that howl in the trees they live in.
  • Ah’th’nya Basin - a rift in the ground that has since filled with rainwater over several thousand years. 
  • Squ’xia Waters - clear freshwater floodplains that are sheltered by tall trees. 
  • Broken Abyss - isolated ponds of acidic waters, sink-holes and mushy ground. 
  • Crystone Mire - the waters here are very acidic, the grounds are grassy and mossy. Some of the crystals that grow here occasionally seem like they are crying, dripping with water endlessly.
  • Violet Swamp - a wooded, and densely forested area that is frequently flooded.  The plants that grow here have a violet hue due to minerals found in the water. 
  • The Shimmering Bog - a small group of ponds surrounded by mosses, it is favored by glowing insects that give it its shimmering appearance. 
  • The Ravaged Wetlands - an alkaline (ph >7) wetland (a fen), with mixed shrubbery and grasses, surrounded by forest.  This was once a forest itself, but was destroyed by volcanic activity from eons ago.
  • The Infinite Polder
  • Mo’si Slough - a mudflats' area, soft bottomed salt marshes with estuaries that have large mangrove trees. 
  • Marsh of Ya’sir - an open and expansive grassy area with many rivers. There's not a lot of trees here, but there are a lot of birds.
  • Glades of Everby - though not technically a glade, but a Fen. it is a peat land area that is fed by underground spring water. Alkaline waters and plants like a bog.
  • Ath’un Swamps - a thick forested area with stagnant water, water lilies and many watery plants grow here.
  • Swamp of Rhish’za - named after where a dragon had died, this swamp has nearby villages who come to pay their respects to the fallen dragon to this day at various small shrines.
  • Krak’uin Swamps - named after a great serpentine dragon who lived long after Rhish’za. Known for the serpents mischievous and playful nature. It is said the dragon slithered and created the rivers in the area that now boast life to a wide variety of lush flowering swamp plants. 
  • Xan’tu - a coastal village on the largest island in the southern swamps. The town is build in the trees, and on floating docks in the rivers.
  • Bar’aer - an inland village on the 2nd largest island in the southern swamps. It sits atop a flattened hill nearby the krak’uin swamps. Rows of crops grow like tiered rice fields.
  • Yalei - a coastal village on the 2nd largest island of the southern swamps, known for its unique musical instruments. Made of hardened reed-like plants, petrified bog-wood, and fungus’ that grow in the area.  The (avian race) particularly finds this village interesting, for that fact.

southern swamp map 1  southern swamp map 2