Mega Cities are filled with an abundance of population and technology. Hundreds of thousands or millions of people live within their borders with a mixture of cultures, languages and lifestyles. Much of the cities are built quite vertically with massive skyscrapers, with the wealthy and aristocratic living in the higher levels and common folk towards the bottom and ground level. Cities are commonly built with outer and inner rings, with the out-most typically being for trading, farming, or industrial zoning. Mega cities seem to be living in the future with advanced technology made possible by crystals which have been mined & manufactured. Depending on the city, there may be a space port that allows travelers from off-planet to land and for people of this planet to venture off.

These Mega Cities are full of magical neon lights, and industrial materials.  The lower streets and filled with wagons and carts pulled by critters that carry trading goods into the markets each day and night. Wind and electric powered flying ships from the East are also commonly found carrying loads of passengers and goods. Bustling streets are filled with family and corporation owned shops with a variety of goods, it seems you can purchase just about anything in these cities.

Borders of these Mega Cities are patrolled and heavily guarded, they're quite strict with who can enter and exit and it requires a special pass to get through. The outer ring of the Mega Cities is often filled with crime and people trying to sell counterfeit passes, even cutting deals with corrupted guards.

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