Ruins & Sacred Places

Active Temples, Sanctuaries, Shines.

Dragontooth Grove.
Altar of Kir’ty.
Lagoon of Reflection.
Dru’zal’ya Shrine.
Ry’xia Sanctuary.
Shrines of Rhish’za.

Ruins, Hideouts, Outposts.

Isle of Blight.
Temple of Silver.
The Crackling Scourge.
The Broken Shore.
Mountain of Illusion.
The Infernal Reef.
The Farm of Night.
Eyd’en Temple.
Pyre’mist Point.

Gardens & Natural Places

Gardens, Meadows, Groves & Oasis

  • Bhah Gardens -
  • The Hidden Wisp -
  • Riddlers Grove -
  • Grove of Destiny -
  • Grove of Eternity -
  • The Third Garden - The original family that lived here wanted to build a legacy through their medicinal herbs and fertile land, their story ended in tragedy and fire. The family that lived here was known for their whimsically styled garden that has been regrown more than once, giving it the current title.
  • Digfynn -
  • The Sleeping Spring -
  • Ra’ree Plains -
  • Bandicoot Meadow -
  • Lush Crow Meadow -
  • Ottorlyn Expanse -
  • Violent Voilet Fields -
  • Trembling Valley -
  • Stonehurt Wetlands -
  • Ro’gami Glades -
  • Moonlights Mangrove -
  • Savage Slough -
  • Dancing Mire -
  • Fountain of Spirits -
  • The Empty Fortune -
  • Thundering Barrens - Though not actually barren, its name originally was intended to deter outsiders from coming to take its resources.

Jungles & Forests

  • Shlo’gale Jungle -
  • Paradise of Mogmuru -
  • Keri’keri Rainforest -
  • The Howling Jungle -
  • Um’sah Jungle -
  • Kapevine -
  • Yayal Forest -
  • Khemm Forest -
  • Aza’ran Forest -
  • Rha’ma Forest -
  • Rogmund Forest -

Floral, Plant & Herb Shops

  • Dilly Lilly
  • Floral Fantasies
  • The Wild Lotus
  • Happy Leafs
  • Edels Bloom
  • The Saddened Herbalist

  • Magical Shops/Bookstores/Potions

  • Dove and Pigeon
  • Daydreams
  • The Early Mossloth
  • The Ancient Blinkbird
  • Dragonfire Books
  • Golden Unihorn
  • Whisquil Manor
  • Lullaby Library
  • Grand Evening Library
  • Hall of Frost
  • Flying Bonefish


  • The Sleepy Blinkbird
  • The Sea Dragon Inn
  • Twin Fins
  • Dritz’ Tavern
  • Kuru’sh’na Inn
  • Thundering Whaleshark
  • The Clever Quilgrpyh
  • The Quick Rhaglin
  • The Smiling Starry Kudu
  • The Thoughtlful Hogfish

    Southern Swamps


    • The Howling Mangroves - a saltwater marshland named for the animals that howl in the trees they live in.
    • Ah’th’nya Basin - a rift in the ground that has since filled with rainwater over several thousand years.
    • Squ’xia Waters - clear freshwater floodplains that are sheltered by tall trees.
    • Broken Abyss - isolated ponds of acidic waters, sink-holes and mushy ground.
    • Crystone Mire - the waters here are very acidic, the grounds are grassy and mossy. Some of the crystals that grow here occasionally seem like they are crying, dripping with water endlessly.
    • Violet Swamp - a wooded, and densely forested area that is frequently flooded. The plants that grow here have a violet hue due to minerals found in the water.
    • The Shimmering Bog - a small group of ponds surrounded by mosses, it is favored by glowing insects that give it its shimmering appearance.
    • The Ravaged Wetlands - an alkaline (ph >7) wetland ( a fen), with mixed shrubbery and grasses, surrounded by forest. This was once a forest itself, but was destroyed by volcanic activity from eons ago.
    • The Infinite Polder - no information available.
    • Mo’si Slough - a mudflats' area, soft bottomed salt marshes with estuaries that have large mangrove trees.
    • Marsh of Ya’sir - an open and expansive grassy area with many rivers. There's not a lot of trees here, but there are a lot of birds.
    • Glades of Everby - though not technically a glade, but a Fen. it is a peat land area that is fed by underground spring water. Alkaline waters and plants like a bog.
    • Ath’un Swamps - a thick forested area with stagnant water, water lilies and many watery plants grow here.
    • Swamp of Rhish’za - named after where a dragon had died, this swamp has nearby villages who come to pay their respects to the fallen dragon to this day at various small shrines.
    • Krak’uin Swamps - named after a great serpentine dragon who lived long after Rhish’za. Known for the serpents mischievous and playful nature. It is said the dragon slithered and created the rivers in the area that now boast life to a wide variety of lush flowering swamp plants.
    • Xan’tu - a coastal village on the largest island in the southern swamps. The town is build in the trees, and on floating docks in the rivers.
    • Bar’aer - an inland village on the 2nd largest island in the southern swamps. It sits atop a flattened hill nearby the krak’uin swamps. Rows of crops grow like tiered rice fields.
    • Yalei - a coastal village on the 2nd largest island of the southern swamps, known for its unique musical instruments. Made of hardened reed-like plants, petrified bog-wood, and fungus’ that grow in the area. The (avian race) particularly finds this village interesting, for that fact.

    There 14 islands that make up the southern swamps - the Archipelago, The 4 largest are in the same area as each other. Named as follows from largest to smallest:

    1. Ye’quth. 2. Zik’os. 3. Khuni. 4. Kru’ua. 5. Se’desh. 6. Ya’dsi. 7. Yu’ne.
    8. Xia’og. 9. Eliagh. 10. Bare. 11. Mich’in. 12. Ce’dax. 13. Firshade. 14. Ly’sus.


    Southern Crystal Forests


    • Mavulas - crystalline forest village on the edge of the southern swamps and crystal forests.
    • Glistening Wilds - untamed wilderness with plenty of crystalline creatures and hilly forests, trees have crystals growing like parasites on them.
    • Ga’mi Woods - an unusual patch of non-crystal trees in the midst of crystal forests. It's like a hole that sank into the ground and then became its own secluded forest.
    • Ve’Oh Mire - a swampy area of the crystal forests, wet grasses and sparse, tall oval shaped crystals sprout here.
    • Varelith Bog - a misty low-land area towards the south, mossy landscape that covers rounded crystals gives the earth a ‘bubble’ like appearance.
    • Klah Basin - waterfalls pour into this basin, which acts like a reservoir that spills out into many rivers.
    • Xa’ye Labyrinth - a twisting forested cavern, easy to get lost in, thick vegetation and crystals grow here.
    • Hy’rus Caves - a dry cave that grows specific types of crystals, the air is stale, and the caves run deep. Plenty of mining opportunities in the dark.
    • Barrwood Hideout - a cave that was fully mined, now exists as a dry and dusty hideout for bandits.
    • The Blue Caverns - wide and open caverns that grow only blue crystals, underground lakes filled with glowing insects and blind fish.
    • Grave’m Caves - a narrow, treacherous cave that many have fallen into, and to their death.
    • Lud’wich Sanctuary - a village deep within the crystal forests, the people here live in harmony with the wildlife and use the crystal's magics in a symbiotic manner with nature.
    • Mil’ney Den - A small bandit camp on the edge of the crystal forests and the eastern deserts, it sits along the coast.
    • Bo’oa Thicket - vines that are covered in crystal thorns grow in brambles, it's hard to traverse through, and you’ll get pricked easily. Best to travel around.
    • Sha’gille Wilds - a mix of grassy forests and sparse crystals, towards the eastern deserts and mountains.
    • Xia’nos Forest - the largest forest of a specific type of tree, their roots spread for many miles underground.
    • Echoing Rapids - coming from the os’en cascades is a dangerous and fast flowing river filled with rapids. There are crystals rather than rocks here.
    • Os’en Cascades - a long network of medium sized waterfalls that all flow into a single river.
    • Silent Channel - the os’en cascades turns into the echoing rapids, that eventually calm down into a long and lazy river. Ironically named.
    • Kir’ty Falls - a large area of waterfalls that flows into the ough’ty falls.
    • Ough’ty Falls - the bottom half of the kir’ty falls, very misty here.
    • Mar’keel Estuary - a wide river basin that flows into the southern sea. A mix of freshwater and salt.


    Eastern Deserts


    • B’uh Ang - Eastern desert town, small trading town, acts as a rest-stop for travellers. Water and supplies.
    • Whispering Dunes - an expansive area outside the town of B’uh Ang. It is said that the dunes sing the songs of lost warriors from an ancient time.
    • Mirrored Meadows - the edge of the eastern desert on the shoreline to the east, a grassy meadow grows in uninterrupted fields of white and yellow flowers.
    • Misty Barrens - dipping below sea-level, this lowland in the eastern grasslands remains misty at all times aside from high-noon. It is hard to see, making it dangerous for those who cannot fly above it.