The Eastern Deserts, natively called Erydia (air-id-ea), is an expansive area to the east of the planet.  Erydias landscape is diverse, with grassland plains, rocky red mountains, a coast to the east, and scrub land.  Known for its reddish sands and open sky with beautiful sunsets of pink, purples and blues.  Large sand-striding herbivores travel to different bodies of water that open up during the rainy seasons.  At night, floating gas-filled whales and bioluminescent micro organisms fill the sky as temperatures lower, it is common to take tourists out on airships and balloons to watch.

On the eastern coast, bustling cities are built out of sandstone pillars, or carved into the mountains and have colourful artisan created stained glass.  Traveling via the air thermals and air/electric magic with various hot air balloons, blimps & planes is the most commonplace rather than ground vehicles.  The coastal cities additionally have shipyards and harbors for air and sea ships.  Established trade routes to the Northern Arctic and South Swamps make the coastal areas "the place to be".