The most commonly accept form of currency is Shards. Each denomination is represented by flakes and beads of different crystal types. Flakes are worth higher amounts like dollars, while beads are the equivalent of cents.  People commonly use necklaces, bracelets, belts, bags, pouches and other ways to carry their currency. Just like it's found on Earth there are also, safe boxes, banks, piggy-banks, and the occasional treasure chest. Trading alchemy ingredients, materials and resources, or services are also common practice in place of currency.

10 beads = 1 shard

100 beads = 10 shards


Some holidays are celebrated widespread throughout the planet, while others may be for specific regions or groups.

'Spirit Festival' is celebrated by most cultures for about 1-2weeks of the year. With 2-3 days being the peak of the celebration, usually towards the middle or end of the holiday. It is celebrated by community feasts, that include specialty treats themed around the celebration of Spirits and Ancient Ones. Jovial music played primarily on wind instruments and dancing all night long. Specialty nectar drinks and treats are shared and sold in markets. Skilled 'seers' who commune with Spirits, offer their services for people to speak with their departed loved ones, or even bring them temporarily back for the festival (tentatively, and with security present. Providing it is mutual and there is no ill-will with the spirit.) Decorations can include magically lit lanterns, sparkling garlands, glowing butterfly-like insects (representing spirits). Dazzling displays of magical fireworks that form into creatures meant to look like the Ancient Ones. Spirits and people can celebrate and spend time with each other to preserve their memories and family connections.

'Blimble Harvest Festival' is celebrated in regions where Blimble orchards and agriculture is popular. It is common practice to go to orchards with your friends or family, pick blimbles in barrels and baskets, and purchase them from the farmers during the season where the blimbles are the ready for harvest.  There are traditional recipes like pies, pastries, and salads to create with blimbles.  Blimble eating contests and games are played during the festival too.



Nectar is a common source of food and drink all throughout the planet. Favoured by many creatures for its high caloric value and sugary taste. It can be processed Into solid foods, used for cooking or baking, as well as in drinks. Many plants, flowers and fungi secrete or produce different types of nectar which is used for different things. There are industrial uses for it as well, like fuel or sticky glue.

Agriculture is found in many forms everywhere, and farmers often have symbiotic relationships with wildlife. Sprays and chemicals for pesticides are very rare, and generally unnecessary thanks to the symbiotic relationships. Community gardens and personal gardens with food are common, and many plants have multiple functions/uses than just food. Very little waste is produced as well. Species with Earth elemental abilities can encourage healthy growing agriculture and keep the soils nutrient-rich, rather than becoming barren in a few years (or requiring crop rotation.) Additionally, species with water and wind abilities are commonly found alongside agricultural areas. Every region has their own specialty food, spices and nectar they can produce. Trading hubs and routes are common. Each region will also have their own cultural foods, you can always ask your local tavern or farmers market what is best.

Many creatures can also absorb energy from the 2 suns, using glucose and different forms of photosynthesis for food.

Mega cities have mixed cultural foods, often each mega city will also have its own specialties. They also can grow foods on the sides and roofs of buildings with the help of symbiotic creatures and elemental magics. Maximizing food production. See 'races' and 'mega cities' and 'biomes' for other information.