Avian | Human-like Intelligence
Terrestrial Race

Living in the Eastern Deserts, the Avians are a culturally-rich group of bird-like people.  Who are able to glide on the Desert winds with their wings.


The 'Avians' are a widespread people who all have the appearance resembling of Earths birds of the world. Just as visually diverse, and all with wind elemental magics. They are also a highly intelligent species as a whole, many of whom are philosophers, engineers, skilled alchemists, pilots and merchants. 

Music, particularly wind instruments, and dance play an important role in their culture. Exquisite hand-made silks and lavish materials are amongst commonplace items, as well as various collections of spices. Well established trade routes with the 'Dragonkin' in the Southern Swamps are crucial to their preference for keeping a wide variety of plants and similar commodities. Living in the Eastern Deserts primarily, fresh water is often replaced with different types of nectar. 

Life in the Eastern Deserts is harsh at best, and the Avians are most regularly found living together in giant colonies built within the Desert mountains. Costal trading ports with ships that sail in the sky, or sea, are equally common. Many smaller homes built from fungal wood and sandstone. 

Airships and hot air balloons are the vehicle of choice around the Eastern Desert. Powered by crystals and sailors with a particularly strong wind magic. Sailors and Captains are considered like celebrities, like musicians and dancers. 


(Avian)  Names:
Usage of apostrophe, double consonants, Q, Z, X, K, C and hard sounding letters are common. Frequently ending with a vowel or ‘ar’, ‘ka’, ‘ik’ type sounds. Most names are neutral, and can be used for males and females.

Sqraik, Arisirrka, Criah, Cocrase, Garilo, Kiank, Qhou, Iciwi, Kee’so, Kell’bu, Zh’eizu, Cishar, Zhu’w, Qu’har, Skobew, Zh’ooek, Qu’rre, Guyy’ok, Resh’tee, Kaiw, Zhraik, Cretch, Zrai’ik, Klu’guc, Crell, Chiax, Klu’ak.