The Ashlands is an area of the world that is the result of a man-made environmental disaster, and an active volcanic ridge. It has a unique and volatile ecosystem.  What used to be thick wooded forests is now a vast and seemingly dead land. 

Huge rolling black sand dunes and grey rocky terrain make up most of the landscape. Towards the North East there is a mountainous ridge of semi-active volcanoes, blackened lava flows make it difficult to traverse.  The North Wests inner coast is lined with glowing sulfur pools, and vents that spew toxic purple chemicals from within the planet.  Coloured fire and lightning can occur with the frequent storms as well. 

Loss of vegetation and habits has reduced the number of diverse species in these areas.  Though unique new species that seem to prefer the intense conditions have adapted as well. Dangerous scavenging and ambush predators live beneath the black sands and in the rocky areas.